About Us



Off Market Group, has the experience and know how to help with your sale, matching buyers and investors to sellers discreetly on your terms over an agreed campaign and exit strategy.

Our values ensure that we understand the specific goals of everyone we deal with, and meet their expectations, whatever it takes. We think ahead, and go out of our way to overcome hurdles and solve problems, so everything goes smoothly.

What you can expect from us

Connecting Communties!

Chris Cameron is the principal at our business brokers in QLD. He comes from a long line of hoteliers and service industry purveyors. His involvement in the hotel business started in childhood.

Chris knows the business inside and out. He has built, rebuilt, repositioned, and operated many multi-faceted establishments in the accommodation and hospitality industries.

He has a Diploma in Hotel Management and 25 years of experience as a general manager and director of more than 30 hotel and hospitality assets.

Chris understands the difficulties and demands operators undergo when they want to sell. Doing so may cause disapproval in the local community you have worked so hard to unite with once it becomes known, which may harm your enterprise.

Our purpose is to relieve you of that stress and concern by not listing your property as a private sale or providing the information on public internet sites.

A bit about the founder.

Off Market Hotels has been a long term vision of the principal, Chris Cameron. Chris comes from a long generation of Queensland Hoteliers. His great grandfather built and ran the old National Hotel and the Orient Hotel in the Brisbane, CBD. His father Ian Cameron was a very well known Queensland publican in the 80s and 90s and then created Giants Liquor. Giants Liquor was the biggest independent buyer of liquor in Queensland for more than 10 years eventually selling out to ALM which is now Celebrations. So hotels and the business of hotels is truly Chris’ passion. Chris has a long history rebuilding hotels, building new hotels, repositioning hotels and operating many large multi-facet hotel businesses around Queensland.

Chris also has a Diploma in Hotel Management and 25 years of history as a General Manager, Director of over 30 hotel and hospitality assets. Chris still has an active management company in the industry called Liquid Resource Management, a specialist 3rd party hotel management solution.

Off Market Hotels knows hotels inside and out. In hospitality our motto is, you always need to LIVE IT and LOVE IT.

We understand the pain and pressure hoteliers and local operators are put under when they want to sell. Let’s face it, a lot of our business value is good will. A lot of the day to day charter is to always strive to do our best to connect to our local communities, to ensure our hotels become a big part in all of the local communities, sporting groups, charity groups and network groups.

So when you want sell, it becomes an instant negative to your business and your local community. Off Market Hotels intends to take that pain and pressure away from you.